Healthcare & HUD Experience

Lydia Taft House, Uxbridge, MA
Construction Cost: $3.8 million, HUD financing
Scope of Project: bed nursing home replacement, outpatient rehabilitation.
Value Added: Scudder analyzed numerous sites, assisted with site purchase negotiation, then managed all tasks of design, permitting, finance and building our new nursing home. Scudder's cost control and management skills throughout the process resulted in a design and cost conforming to HUD's requirements for financing a smaller nursing home. We are quite proud of our new facility."
-Nicholas Thisse, Manager, Uxbridge-Millbury Realty, LLC

River Walk, Bedford, NH
Construction Cost: $21.2 million
Scope of Project: Independent assisted living, 62 condo unit, 3-story building w/ enclosed parking under, 28 detached condo units, infrastructure.
Value Added: "Our fourth project with Scudder, your skills have created value for me during every step of the process, we would not contemplate another project without Scudder."
-William Mantzoukas, President, Arbors Independent Living, LLC

Arbors of Bedford, Bedford, NH
Construction Cost: $4.8 million, HUD finance.
Scope of Project: 84 bed, one story, award winning, dedicated Alzheimer care assisted living.
Value Added: "Scudder truly represented my interests from site search to completion, including a recommended design change resulting in 10% cost savings enabling project financing through HUD."
-William Mantzoukas, Manager, Merrimack Assisted Partners, LLC

Coleman house, Northborough, MA
Construction Cost: $3.8 million, HUD financing.
Scope of Project: 53 bed nursing home, 21 bed Alzheimer assisted living.
Value Added: "Thank you for your focus on ur project throughout the design, permitting, HUD finance and construction process. Building a new facility 20 feet from an existing facility seemed an impossible task, but with your help and attention to detail, we attained permits, financing, and completed construction. Thank you for your efforts."
-Patrick Blake, Owner, Coleman House, LLC

Guardian Center, Brockton, MA
Construction Cost: $2.5 million, MIFA bond finance.
Scope of Project: 123 bed nursing home, interior/exterior renovation while occupied.
Value Added: "Thank you for your dedication, your skills in managing a major renovation of an occupied facility resulted in minimal disruption and allowed me time to manage my business."
-Gregory Grove, President, GF/Pilgrim, Inc.

RiverWalk Carriage Houses, Bedford, NH
Construction Cost: $5.8 million
Scope of Project: Independent living, 28 detached condo units, infrastructure.
Value Added: "I would not have contemplated this complex project without Scudder's project management skills, our sixth project working together."
-William Mantzoukas, Manager, Arbors Independent Living, LLC

Sugar Hill Assisted Living, Dalton, MA
Construction Cost: $2.45 million
Scope of Project: Renovation of historic mansion and addition, create 60 bed assisted living.
Value Added: "Scudder was quite valuable guiding us through numerous difficult design decisions due to code and cost restrictions and overseeing construction, would recommend Scudder to others"
-Patrick Sheehan, Merrimack Health Group

Craneville Place, Dalton, MA
Construction Cost: $1.65 million
Scope of Project: Manage completion of total renovation project.
Value Added: "We hired Scudder when this project was half complete, Scudder took over and worked through many issues to complete a difficult project within an occupied facility, within our very tight budget and schedule"
-William Mantzoukas, Merrimack Health Group

Gifford Memorial Hospital Medical Office Building, Randolph, VT
Construction Cost: $2.7 million
Scope of Project: Medical office building addition to hospital, interior hospital renovations.
Value Added: "You were a tremendous asset to the team during design development and the value engineering process. We are very pleased with the outcome and I thank you for your efforts."
-Phillip Levesque, President

Lanessa Extended Care, Webster, MA
Construction Cost: $65,000
Scope of Project: Roof replacement.
Value Added: "Rick analyzed our roof problems and attained bids for replacement, then managed a difficult process of replacing a roof while occupied. Dollars saved and problems eliminated through hiring Scudder pay for Scudder services"
-Rick Kravitz, Administrator, Lanessa Extended Care

Fairhaven Nursing Home, Lowell, MA
Construction Cost: $1.2 million, HUD financing
Scope of Project: Renovate for code conformance, mechanical and finish upgrade.
Value Added: "Thank you for all your help with our various facility requirements including assessing expansion and a general interior modernization. Your knowledge of DPH requirements, designers and coordinating all aspects of design, permitting and construction resulted in a cost efficient and well managed project."
-John Kane, Administrator, Fairhaven Nursing Home

Timothy Daniel House, Holliston, MA
Construction Cost: $2.9 million
Scope of Project: 40 bed historic nursing home major renovation, addition, while occupied, HUD financing.
Value Added: "Timothy Daniels was a very difficult project, including phased construction and replacing original foundation walls while occupied. Scudder's lengthy experience with HUD, DPH and construction skills guided us through many difficult decisions. We are now complete, very pleased with results, and planning an assisted living project with Scudder."
-Nicholas Thisse, Manager, Holliston Manor, LLC

Pope Nursing Home, Weymouth, MA
Construction Cost: $3.1 million, HUD finance
Scope of Project: 22 bed addition, major interior/exterior renovation while occupied.
Value Added: "Scudder's construction management experience added considerable value, our third project with them and would recommend Scudder to anyone contemplating a project."
-Nicholas Thisse, President, Rehabilitation, Associates

Bedford Lending Corporation, Bedford, NH
Construction Cost: Multiple HUD finance projects, over $100 million
Scope of Project: Nursing homes, assisted living and multi-family, HUD financing.
Value Added: "As Owner and President of Bedford Lending Corp, a NH licensed HUD lender, I have worked with Scudder Development for over twenty years. Scudder has been quite valuable in providing borrowers with accurate conceptual cost estimating used in feasibility cost analysis, and, managing the entire preconstruction and construction process as Owner's Rep. Rick's experience and knowledge have truly benefited Bedford Lending's HUD borrowers and Bedford Lending as the lender. Without Scudder’s services, many of our clients would not have qualified for financing. The principals at Bedford Lending view Scudder Development as a long term strategic partner."
-Wayne Jean, Owner and President, Bedford Lending Corporation

The Lafayette, Marblehead, MA
Construction Cost: $2.6 million, HUD financing.
Scope of Project: Interior renovations of 65 bed nursing home.
Value Added: "Your construction and process knowledge, and ability to coordinate and manage the entire development is quite impressive, you have represented my interest as a true owner representative."
-William Mantzoukas, Manager, Merrimack Healthcare, LLC

Reservoir Lodge, Ashland, MA
Construction Cost: $20 million
Scope of Project: 123 bed skilled nursing replacement, 60 bed assisted living, four-story.
Value Added: "Rick has been great to work with, completing initial budgets for finance analysis through permitting, finance and managing all requirements. He knows the right architects, finance people, builders and how to manage."
-Dr. Indira Desai, Resident Care, Framingham, MA

ARCON Healthcare, LLC, Bedford, NH
Construction Cost: $1.7 million- $2.2 million
Scope of Project: Medical office buildings ranging from 20,000 - 24,000 sq. ft, private finance.
Value Added: "Scudder was hired to manage project development and permitting, from analyzing new sites to overseeing design, value engineering, permitting, finance and construction. Rick was a valuable asset enabling us to make informed decisions based on reliable information."
-Steven Gordon, Vice President Development, ARCON Healthcare


  1. Amesbury Village, Amesbury, MA
  2. Webster Manor, Worcester, MA
  3. St Joseph's, Dorchester, MA
  4. Neville Manor, Cambridge, MA
  5. Seaview Convalescent & Nursing, Rowley, MA
  6. Autumn village, Worcester, MA
  7. Emerson village, Watertown, MA
  8. Phillips Manor, Lynn, MA
  9. Waban health and Rehabilitation Center, Waban, MA
  10. Resident Care Rehabilitation and Nursing, Framingham, MA
  11. St. Joseph's nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Dorchester, MA
  12. Park Place, Hyde Park, MA
  13. Essex park Rehabilitation and Nursing, Beverly, MA
  14. St. Camillus Health Center, Whitinsville, MA
  15. Essex Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center