About Scudder Development Rick Scudder, President, established Scudder Development in 1996, after twenty years experience managing planning, pre-construction and construction for large commercial construction companies and developers in NH and MA. Project experience includes multi-family, manufacturing, retail, health-care, office, industrial, municipal, military, recreational, banking and educational projects, ranging from minor renovations to new construction exceeding $35 million in value.

The catalyst for establishing Scudder Development was a common element Rick noted on projects he managed; most project Owners lacked essential experience, knowledge and time necessary to effectively establish control and represent their interests during the critical planning and preconstruction decision making process, and throughout construction.

Project Owner's objectives and definitions of success differ, and, in some respects are in direct conflict with Designer and Contractor objectives and definitions of success. Project Owners interests are best represented throughout the planning, preconstruction and construction process by an experienced and hands-on third party intermediary, managing and coordinating the project and participants, advocating the project Owner's interests.

Scudder's mission is to provide project Owners, developers and end users with professional, effective and unbiased project management. Scudder advocates the Owner's interests while guiding Owners and projects through a maze of integrated and critical decisions, establishing essential owner control of cost, schedule, quality and risk. Scudder manages, and coordinates all disciplines and tasks of the complex process of planning, preconstruction and construction, reducing cost, expediting schedule, assigning risk and optimizing value.