• Scudder Development Advisors Stone Executive Park
    "Your construction knowledge and design control resulted in over
    $1 million cost savings"
    -John Kastler, President
  • Scudder Development Advisors RiverWalk Great House
    "Your skills created value during every step of the process including a
    10% cost reduction enabling finance"
    -William Mantzoukas, Manager/Owner
  • Scudder Development Advisors Partridge House
    "Scudder created cost savings allowing an upgrade to a four-pipe
    VAV system"
    -Daniel Trahan, President
  • Scudder Development Advisors Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital at Pease
    "Scudder's guidance and focus on detail lead to significant cost savings and an expedited schedule"
    -James Murphy, CFO
  • Scudder Development Advisors Private Residence
    "Five general contractors bid with results from $5.9-$6.3 million. We then hired Scudder who completed the same project for $4.8 million."
    -Frank Eaton, Homeowner
  • Scudder Development Advisors Leroux Steel
    "Scudder managed the entire design, permitting and renovation
    within our aggressive budget and schedule"
    -Pierre Furnas, Business Development Manager
Scudder Development Advisors
  • 35 years experience guiding critical decisions.
  • 5% - 10% + cost savings, optimizing value.
  • Risk managed, designated contractually.
  • Schedule expedited, tasks integrated, coordinated.
  • Quality, life cycle & sustainable design focus.
  • Advocating Owner agenda, no conflict of interest.
  • Owner's time freed to manage business.

"The most pivotal person on a project, who most influences project success, is the strong, hands-on owner agent project manager." -Quote from a recent Engineering News Record interview and poll of 126 business owners who recently completed building projects.